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"Dalia~!" A bright smile before the small child stretches both arms out and giving the girl a hug. "I haven't seen you for a long time~! Are you happy today?" Excited honey orb stares up to the female before he holds her tighter with childish giggles. "Hey~ Hey~ We should go to the park~!"




No, not that voice again—

"…!" The girl was startled by the sudden contact of their bodies, causing her cheeks to redden. 

"I-I guess I am happy today because you’re here." She smiled back, recomposing herself.

"The..The park?" She looked at him with confusion. "I’ve never been there, or maybe I don’t know which park are you talking about." 

"And…Let me go first." She chuckled.

Her cursed eye remained unrevealed- good.

Slowly, she removes both hands from her face after hearing the question. “…Peek…Peek-a-boo?” Ah, maybe this lassie is a cave girl whom at least had a hammock in her cave.

   Immediately, hands go to his stomach as he bursts into laughter. Taking quite some time to calm down, he looks up to the girl one again and nods. "Yes- Peek-a-boo! Mommies like to play that game with babies—"

A slight frown was formed as he laughed. It faded after some time. “Really? I-Ive never seen mothers that much…” Mothers…Mother.

Tears started to well up on both her eyes. This maybe was the second time. Maybe she was going to let it all out. Maybe.

Even a yawn was faked to make him believe that her visible eye was watery because of it. She sat down on the green grass and tried to comfort herself with secrecy.